Software is greater than the sum of its elements.

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Analysis & Planning

Together we analyse in which area your company would benefit from customized software. In agile workshops we find a common language in order to modernise your course of business.


With agile software development we create short development cycles in which we are able to react to your needs at short notice. In doing so we ensure the quality of our software with automatic software tests.


Cutting-edge technologies enable fast releases and continuous updates for your customized software. Due to its modular structure your software becomes easily expendable and future-proof.

Clients & Projects

What is a polylith?

A Polylith is a system that consists of multiple components. If you remove one element you would lose it's functionality however, the systems remains, as opposed to a monolith - commonly used in informatics - that has a low margin of error due to its isolated system. A single error leads to the loss of the entire functionality. That is why we build on polyliths in order to make our software more available, expandable and better maintainable.


Customized enterprise software

Polylith develops customized software that meets your requirements by analysing your needs locally as well as in in-depth dialogues. We modernise and automatize your core processes and hence increase the efficiency of your company.

Quality management

We ensure a high level of quality by using automated software tests. Together we record your requirements in a natural and comprehensive language. These documents are used to examine the software after every modification.


By dividing your software into small, autonomic and physically separated services you are prepared for future challenges. Beyond that, we advise and support you in rebuilding your existing system.


Separating monoliths into individual services is a massive challenge for your infrastructure. We help you to find the right solution for container, configuration and infrastructure management.


Polylith consists of a young, dynamic and dedicated team with the goal to satisfy customer requirements by providing the best solution for their needs.


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